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Product Delivery丨Hubei Customer Purchases Lonking Products in Batches Again

At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger (2022), out of trust in the quality of Lonking products and the recognition of Lonking's efficient after-sales service, the customer once again purchased Lonking equipment in batches, including the ZL50NC heavy-duty wheel loader, 30E underground wheel loader and excavator.

The mining of phosphate ores entails high-end equipment, which often needs to run in high-intensity working conditions for a long time. The customer's recognition and continuous bulk purchase of Lonking products demonstrate the reliability, applicability and safety of Lonking equipment in high-intensity working conditions.

With focus on customer's needs, Lonking has long been adhering to the customer-centric operating philosophy. By providing cost-effective products and high-quality services, and adhering to the principle of "quality first", Lonking has maximized the value of the customer's investment through continuous innovation.