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Our company is a large-scale comprehensive company which specializes in the import and export of construction machinery, spare parts, general industrial products and raw materials, committed to trade exchanges and communications of China and the world. Having established complete business chain of global sales, oversea service and spare parts depot, Pell main business is dealing construction machinery products of Chinese brands. At present, Pell has become of the most influential Chinese multinational companies with most diversified products and high competitiveness.

Our products are mainly exported to Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, with an annual export quantity of more than 100 units of machines.

a. Professional product manager with rich product knowledge could answer all your questions to our equipment. Just drop us an email and we will reply you within 12 hours.

b. Professional Finance, Shipping and Documents service during your order processing.

c. Professional after sale service for your machines repairing, parts supplying, machine maintenance.